RadioTelephone Tutor: update

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RadioTelephone Tutor: update

Postby lassar » Oct 27, 2018 0:48

RadioTelephone Tutor is a tutor program to help a person prepare for his FCC exam.

Windows program done in Freebasic using a dos like gui.

Just updated RadioTelephone Tutor with a portional vga font, improved monospace
vga font, and uses hq2x pixel art scaler to improve the looks of vga fonts.

Check out tips and tricks for the source code.

The resolution of the program is normally 640x480.

With the pixel art scaler, there are now 2 resolution choices: 640x480 & 1280x960

Uses minimum raggedness word wrapping, on the question quiz's text data, using
dynamic programming similar to knuth & plass.

Have not yet released the tex like word wrapping, but plan to, when I get
powerbasic version converted to freebasic.

Check out the demo to see how much better the fonts look.

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