Gamejolt API usage?

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Gamejolt API usage?

Postby GradiusLover2000 » Sep 13, 2017 23:47

I have been browsing around for support of this topic's title, but it seems it isn't built into the language...
How can I write a .bas file that uses the online API? Info about it can be found here...
If you guys can write a code snippet for it, that would be great.
All I need is the Users, Scores, and Trophies components.
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Re: Gamejolt API usage?

Postby St_W » Sep 17, 2017 11:25

FreeBasic does not have networking support built into the language. You need to implement that yourself or use appropriate libraries doing that. Based on those you can perform the HTTP GET requests as described in the API documentation you've linked. For example libcurl should implement everything you need. For libraries like SimpleNetworkConnection (SNC) you'd additionally need a minimal HTTP implementation.

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