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Fractal Slogro

Postby ManuelAm » Apr 05, 2013 16:29

Hello. I am Spanish and my English is very poor, I translated this using Google tranlate.
This is my version of Slogro fractal, a shape generator coralline, algae or tree branches as basic operation. This version differs greatly to what can be found on the network and allows user interaction both during the generation of fractal and subsequently changing colors to select the one that best suits the tastes of each. During the development and user involvement can create more complex shapes such as mountains, craters and recalculated without deleting the previously generated image like forms tissue, wool fibers or clusters of spores. If exaggerate the amount of particles in form of rings appear trees ...
The images can be recorded at any time as BMP 1024x768 of 2305 kb, if you look very large you can change the source code and adapt it to the resolution that you like.
You can use the predefined start (6 different types, one random) or set the start point with the mouse.
The 2 rar files containing the executable, source code and a couple of text files in Spanish and English and the images I've been generating test. The BMP file contains the original large and small, compressed jpg. I recommend that link to download the version of the BMP, because jpg files lose much brightness, leaving the images mate. I also recommend that you see all although many repetitions are changing colors, that ye may prove simpletmenee some of the possibilities of the program.
CDisplayEX can use to view the images without having to decompress the 137 megs of BMP or six and a half of jpg,

Hi, I updated my blog .There you can see most of the images of the files and also download a file with only 3 sample images of 278 kb.

Slogro v.1 - JPG.rar 6,61 MB

Slogro v.1 - BMP.rar 18,05 MB

Two videos:
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Re: Fractal Slogro

Postby Gonzo » Apr 09, 2013 17:19

Cool stuff :)

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