Paradox Girl (alpha version)

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Paradox Girl (alpha version)

Postby Eponasoft » Mar 08, 2013 5:39

This was my entry for the FBGD 2013 competition, Seasons Of The Year. It's still an alpha version so some parts aren't quite done yet, but it's perfectly playable as-is.

This game uses the default FB graphics library at 1024x768 resolution. It requires a pretty decent computer to run, and it's best run with minimal other processes. Since it was coded in a hurry for the compo, it's not the most optimal game engine design. The download size is about 112MB. Also, I should mention that it contains a small amount of nudity, so it's probably not a game for kids.

Here's some select screenshots:
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Re: Paradox Girl (alpha version)

Postby alfakilo » Mar 09, 2013 11:03

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Re: Paradox Girl (alpha version)

Postby badmrbox » Mar 10, 2013 21:53

Nice game Epona but I have found some problems.

I noticed that there seems to be some alignment problem with the enemies in the winter level. They are not on the same plane as the character.

There was also a bug in the summer level where I was completely depleted of hearts but got them refilled for some odd reason only to get onehit killed the second later. I like how the enemies flies away when you finish them off though :).

When hitting a enemy I guess they are supposed to flicker. For me they go completely invisible for a couple of seconds. The same goes for your own character.
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Re: Paradox Girl (alpha version)

Postby Eponasoft » Mar 11, 2013 22:30

I'm pretty sure I left the text file in the package about the Winter scene not working right. Also, the Summer thing wasn't a bug... when the temperature gets too high, the level ends for you, no matter where you are or what you're doing. And yeah, they're supposed to flicker... I could just make them alpha instead. :)

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