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Postby agamemnus » Jan 27, 2012 18:35

I would like to present the beta version of my online game, Capitalopoly. In this game, you are an entrepreneur, building factories, then producing, researching, marketing, and selling products. You can specialize in specific parts of the production chain by cooperating and trading with your friends.


The game utilizes Javascript, PHP, MySQL, and FreeBasic. The Freebasic part of the code is used for world generation and tick processing.

= General outline of the game =
* There is a large 200x200 world on which any player may purchase, and then build on, tiles. (each tile is progressively more expensive) On a tile, there are a variety of buildings to choose from. (Currently, only the raw materials, factory, and store buildings function.)
* Every two real-time minutes, costs are incurred, production occurs, and revenue is generated from the sale of products.
* You can create production links between buildings to ferry your goods from the raw material stage to the finished product stage at factory and finally to cash at a toy store.
* You can trade with another player by offering them goods in exchange for their cash.

= Status of the game =
At present, I am the only person working on the game. I programmed 100% of the game and made 80% of the art. I'm improving it daily, and I have many ideas for the future. I would like to hire an artist for the game, and potentially more developers, (and maintain the web-host, as well as feed myself) but that requires money!

I have included a paypal button in the game, for which you will receive in-game credits for future use. If you like the premise of this game, please support me by buying game credits.

= Future plans =
My future development plans include:
* A completed manual, in-game tutorial, and youtube video.
* Per-tick profit/loss breakdown via graph and chart.
* Simulated residents who will buy your products, as opposed to the current situation of dumping them in a toy store.
* Your products will have attributes, and you will be able to research better attributes at a research facility -- the better your attributes, the more that people will pay for your products and the more competitive you will be against other players for simulated residents' dollars.
* Road (undetermined purpose), power line (extra production), and water line construction. (extra production).
* Multiple worlds, and your own private worlds.
* Actual building images instead of text boxes and popular brand themes. (not just toys)
* Animated tiles.
* User settings: set a player and corporation motto.
* Purchasable specialists who will enhance your company's efficiency.
* Achievements/badges, player rankings, player "news" events.
* Facebook: full Facebook integration. (at present, you can access the site via, but it won't link to your facebook account)

= Starting Out =
As both the quick-start guide and manual is incomplete, I am going to briefly describe some items that aren't fully covered there.

* Compatibility: this game uses the most advanced Javascript features available today, and because IE9 and (I believe) Opera do not have some critical features, it will not work with Opera or IE9 or earlier. It may work with IE10, however -- I am actively working on this. I have only tested this game in the Chrome and Firefox browsers.

* Performance: this game requires a high-speed connection to load quickly. this game's physical performance is best on Chrome, but the graphics are best viewed in Firefox --the map is not pixellated, as it should be, in Chrome.

* This game is a mix of static web-games and actual full-screen games that you run on your PC. Thus, it makes full use of the mouse button. In the "Build" interface, right-click closes all windows/screens, while double-click opens up map windows. Zooming is accomplished with the middle button (scroll wheel) and movement on the map is done by dragging inside the map.

* Firstly, each building has a maintenance cost value. For production buildings, maintenance only occurs when at least one item is produced, but for toy stores the maintenance is $300 per minute, even if they are not selling anything. This can very quickly add up.

* Some buildings cannot be built on certain tiles. For instance, factories can only be built on relatively flat land, oil rigs can only be built on land, and oil platforms can only be built on water.

* Each factory or raw materials building can only produce certain products. Here is the list:
<name = "surface mine" product set = "coal" >
<name = "surface mine" product set = "copper ore" >
<name = "crop farm" product set = "cotton" >
<name = "oil derrick" product set = "crude oil" >
<name = "oil platform" product set = "crude oil" >
<name = "surface mine" product set = "gems" >
<name = "underground mine" product set = "gold" >
<name = "surface mine" product set = "iron ore" >
<name = "underground mine" product set = "other ore" >
<name = "underground mine" product set = "silver" >
<name = "logging camp" product set = "wood" >

<name = "textile plant" product set = "yarn" >
<name = "textile plant" product set = "fabrics" >
<name = "sawmill" product set = "paper mulch" >
<name = "sawmill" product set = "wooden boards" >
<name = "chemical plant" product set = "plastics" >
<name = "chemical plant" product set = "rubber" >
<name = "metalworks" product set = "other metals" >
<name = "metalworks" product set = "copper" >
<name = "metalworks" product set = "steel" >

<name = "electronics plant" product set = "electric engines" >
<name = "electronics plant" product set = "electronic components" >

<name = "toy factory" product set = "basic portable video game system" >
<name = "toy factory" product set = "battery-powered robot" >
<name = "toy factory" product set = "collectible car (1930s)" >
<name = "toy factory" product set = "doll" >
<name = "toy factory" product set = "doll (with real jewelry)" >
<name = "toy factory" product set = "electronic pet" >
<name = "toy factory" product set = "flying disc" >
<name = "toy factory" product set = "magician's set" >
<name = "toy factory" product set = "metal car" >
<name = "toy factory" product set = "model train" >
<name = "toy factory" product set = "modern wind-up car" >
<name = "toy factory" product set = "playing cards" >
<name = "toy factory" product set = "r/c car" >
<name = "toy factory" product set = "teddy bear" >
<name = "toy factory" product set = "toy soldiers" >
<name = "toy factory" product set = "toy weapons" >
<name = "toy factory" product set = "trading cards (sports)" >
<name = "toy factory" product set = "tricycle" >
<name = "toy factory" product set = "walkie-talkies" >
<name = "toy factory" product set = "wooden train" >

* You only make money by sending finished products to a toy store via a link, as described in the quick-start guide. The price you will receive for a product can be seen if you hover over that product in the building window. I am still tweaking the amount you receive for finished products, but here is the current per-unit price list:

<name = "basic portable video game system" price = 180 >
<name = "battery-powered robot" price = 110 >
<name = "collectible car (1930s)" price = 110 >
<name = "doll" price = 110 >
<name = "doll (with real jewelry)" price = 155 >
<name = "electronic pet" price = 265 >
<name = "flying disc" price = 90 >
<name = "magician's set" price = 110 >
<name = "metal car" price = 80 >
<name = "model train" price = 140 >
<name = "modern wind-up car" price = 110 >
<name = "playing cards" price = 100 >
<name = "r/c car" price = 150 >
<name = "teddy bear" price = 100 >
<name = "toy soldiers" price = 90 >
<name = "toy weapons" price = 90 >
<name = "trading cards (sports)" price = 100 >
<name = "tricycle" price = 110 >
<name = "walkie-talkies" price = 135 >
<name = "wooden train" price = 80 >

The in-game chat system is not yet implemented, but you can log in to the forum (as your playername, not your username) and with your username password to offer and request trade deals.



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Re: Capitalopoly

Postby TESLACOIL » Apr 22, 2012 9:26

Interesting project

Rare to see someone take things this far....i greatly approve of ' just do it and see', its the best way to learn.

Btw Pestery and I got an online chat box working with free-basic code. I was just the guinea pig client

There are two aspects, the game ' what to create ' and the technical ' how is it built' ...the hard part is setting aside ALL the technicalities and JUST focusing on designing the game. That is to clearly state that the technicalities should have minimal (and ideally zero) impact on the game design.

As most independent projects are 'programmer lead' they are doomed to failure from the start. Programers are very good at the nuts and bolts but often abysmally poor at software design, games software in particular. Its the shift of emphasis from engineering to design that separates the winners from the losers.

This game is a good technical exercise for a would be game coder BUT its not a game & never will be....its just 1 step in a steep & long staircase.

I was reviewing a game a friend of mine created (wip) Conquer the world risk style territories. I was impressed with his balanced focus on visuals,user interface and was no more complete than your game, but it gave a real impression it was actually going somewhere....tbh, i was actually gobsmacked at his efforts. But then again the two of us have spent countless hours playing the best games on the planet, thus it was a psychological impossibility for him to create a bad game.

This is going to be the really hard part for you Arg, figuring out ' what you are blind too' , my task is somewhat simpler, my knowledge deficit is merely technical.

I can design that #1 game for you, but are you willing to build it as it NEEDS to be built ?

If you can make the mental shift from going down your own tortuous route and hook up with a 'game designer' who will effectively lead the project then you are going to start writing your first ever 'proper game'

The only motive a 'game architect ' like myself needs is a builder with an itchy trowel finger.....if your busting a gut on code, i can bust a gut on design, testing, gfx , sound, and all the other tedious stuff that goes into creating a game. My design skills are such that i am able to design to 'available resources' , i have zero interest in investing in a game that is A not good enough or B will never be confidence borders on arrogance at times lol, but when you know as much as i know, you know you can deliver......for me, im just itching for a good excuse to do what i do best.
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Re: Capitalopoly

Postby agamemnus » Apr 22, 2012 15:07

I disagree on this entirely.

* You can see how a more simple game will look and feel much more comprehensively than a monster.

* Programmers can make good game designers, while game designers (and self-styled game designers...) often cannot program at all and require either money or power to have programmers at their beck and call.

I have a lot of the design planned out. It's the programming that's taking a long time.

Lastly, did you even try to play the game...? I'm not saying it's too "fun" as of now, but someone like me would find it fun for a few hours at least, I would say. Edit: looks like you tried it and went bankrupt! :[
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Re: Capitalopoly

Postby TESLACOIL » Apr 22, 2012 17:05

I did manage to log in and click a few things , I didn't attempt to play a game or anything though

To be a good designer you have to dabble in everything, its that multidisciplinary background that gives you the breadth and depth of vision. Ive designed everything from furniture to motorcycle exhausts, moon-bases to sentient AI, Ive been playing and designing games since i was a kid, that's how i know what works and what doesn't and when a pixel or a play is out of place. Im sure you will iron out the bulk of the problems with your game but you have to be passionate about every pixel and learn to walk in the shoes of the player. For now i can see you are still focused on the technical aspects.

anyway ill leave you to it as its clearly just a project your exploring.

...and your right, im looking for people with talent to work with. But if team work isn't your thing and your not wiling to let talented others play a significant role then the whole project will sink or swim on your vision alone.

A for effort , but im not seeing the kind of vision or hearing the mind of mentality that brings 'great games' into fruition. Im always my own harshest critic and i always let those with greater talent show me the way. Each to their own i guess.
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Re: Capitalopoly

Postby pestery » Apr 23, 2012 15:18

Looks interesting, I'll have give a try tomorrow. I don't like that sound that plays when you enter the site. When I was started to read your post I opened the link in a new tab but continued reading the post. Moments later the sound played. Well, its late at night, I'm using headphones and I must have had the sound turned up because it scared the crap out of me :-)
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Re: Capitalopoly

Postby TESLACOIL » Apr 23, 2012 18:27

yeah ,lol , that sound is a bit 'in yer face' ...and its VERY LOUD too !....hint hint

not cool late at night especially when you are not wearing headphones !!!

well hes got some kind of server running and the login seemed to work, not alll written in FB though. Im not to hot on the game hes creating ( nor his spin on sfx & gfx) but im interested to see how it pans out regardless.

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