Word helper (Microsoft Word automation wrapper)

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Postby phishguy » May 01, 2010 0:09

Ok - I wrapped the worddir functions
Here is a new example:

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#include "wordhelper.bas"

dim filecount as integer


'returns the number of files that match the filespec
filecount = worddir("*.*","C:\freebasic\",true)

'worddiritem returns item number x from previous worddir call
for x as integer = 1 to filecount
next x

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Re: Word helper (Microsoft Word automation wrapper)

Postby muguk » Jan 15, 2015 8:34

Apologies for digging up an old thread, but is Wordhelper still being updated?

I ask because I'd like to convert a really slow part of my Word Add-In into a separate program via FreeBASIC so that it speeds it up a lot.

My Word Add-In: http://mikestoolbox.weebly.com

The function I'd like to convert is the Document Properties Reporter which examines every Word file in a particular drive / network location and spills the beans on everything useful it can find: the usual properties, template used, fonts used in Headings 1- 9, TOC 1-9 and loads of other bits and pieces.

Or is there a more recent FB library / DLL option?
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Re: Word helper (Microsoft Word automation wrapper)

Postby geminis4941 » Jan 15, 2018 11:28

Someone have a copy of wordhelper.bas file ?
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