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Incase you can't move and your screen looks red ..

Postby Marcade » May 27, 2010 14:00

.. it's likely because either your router isn't forwarding port 8000 and/or your firewall blocks it.
The Car
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Postby The Car » May 27, 2010 14:26

Yes, if your firewall isn't letting UDP 8000 through then you will connect and see the red with a loss of 100%.
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Postby anarky » Jun 04, 2010 14:01

May I suggest the client use random ports? Perhaps a port range of 8000-8009? Otherwise, a great start. I haven't tested yet, but the screenies look wicked. I'd play if we can get a following.

Hell I'd even contribute...
The Car
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Postby The Car » Jun 04, 2010 14:58

Hi anarky,

Thanks for the comments!

Only the first version used 8000 because I wasn't using the same UDP socket for send/recv (this is my first project using freebasic, irrlicht, and udp, so it is a learning experience).

Since the first patch clients have been using values from 20200 to 202XX where XX is the max # of clients the server can handle. You shouldn't need to mess with your firewall now to get it to work.

Let me know if you can connect!

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Postby D.J.Peters » Jun 04, 2010 20:23

works great here

if i start the client i can't move ping=0
but if i press [ALT]+[TAB] and bring the console window in foreground
and press it again to go back to the game window
i have a ping of 200 all works fine.


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