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Postby Stueber » Nov 22, 2009 21:17

Hello FreeBASIC community,

first of all I have to say "Sorry" because of my weak English skills.

I've been writing a new IDE for FreeBASIC for the last weeks.
As I was told by people in the German FB community it looked great ("Sieht sehr gut aus!" in German ^^), I decided to present the software here, too. The IDE is compatible with Linux and Windows as it is based on the famous Qt toolkit.

Here's a screenshot:

Here's a video: (~1.23mb, extracted: ~281mb)

If there's any interest or demand, I'd be happy to translate it into English.

Thank you for any feedback!
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Postby VonGodric » Nov 22, 2009 22:30

looks nice. except if it is indeed vista/ win 7 it looks a bit alien being gtk'ish ( or whatever toolkit you are using )

But I like the clean look of it.
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Postby TheMG » Nov 22, 2009 22:37

It looks great, I'd love it if you could upload the program! Even if it is in German for now.

P.S. Your English is fine.
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Postby joseywales72 » Nov 23, 2009 8:40

Seems really nice. Using QT and thus being multiplatform is a big plus. It would be nice to have it in English. Did you program it in Freebasic? It would be nice to know if we could use QT with Freebasic.
Don't worry about your English. I am not a native speaker either and nobody here gets angry about it. :-)
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Postby Landeel » Nov 23, 2009 12:13

A Linux IDE will be very welcome.
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Postby Stueber » Nov 23, 2009 12:41

Ok, i will upload the IDE this evening.
The IDE is written in C++ with Qt.
You can choose the style yourself.
Windows, plastique, cleanlooks (default), motif and cde are possibilities.

The use of GNOME themes is also possible.
I will upload the latest Version later, but the Video is showing a lot of features:
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Postby Stueber » Nov 23, 2009 20:15

You can get the latest release at

One of the most interesting features is shown in following video:

By now, I'm going to translate its user interface into English.
This will be realized through language files, thereby allowing the software to be translated into other languages as easily.

I look forward to reading your opinions. :)
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Postby fxm » Nov 25, 2009 21:29

Asked about the GUI designer (of IDE_a8) :
Is there a way to save the GUI designer form, and not only the gui.bas export ?
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Postby Stueber » Nov 26, 2009 19:37

I'm going to implement a new feature that will allow users to reimport their forms from an existing BAS export.
In this way, it will be possible to edit forms later.
I've already started to work at this feature but it's still not stable.
By the way, currently, I'm not planning to store forms in a special format as XML or something like FRM known from VB.

Within my first postings I forgot to post a comprehensive feature list unfortunately.
Therefore, I make up this missing list now:
- Gui designer
- Project manager
- Help for FB-beginners
- customizable design (several styles)
- dockable windows
- compiler parameters can be configured using a GUI
- auto indent function
- automatic code completion when beginning structures like do...loop, if...end if, ...
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Postby fxm » Nov 26, 2009 21:24

Besides, by adding a menu builder, this IDE will be both comprehensive and easy to use.
I appreciate the include file "", programmed in OOP, and the export function, which allows very easy use of all the various controls.
In summary, good work.
I am eager to test and use the enhanced version of this IDE, translated into English.
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Postby fxm » Nov 27, 2009 7:47

I have just 2 additional small remarks on the IDE concerning the GUI Designer function activated :
- After "compile & run" command, there is some problem to recover both the two windows of the GUI Designer above the IDE main window (often one above and the other below). One solution is to minimize then maximize the GUI tool window, and finally maximize the GUI form window.
- In the GUI tool window, the button "Neues Fenster" (New Window ?) seems to be inactive.
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Postby Aave » Nov 27, 2009 10:25

Nice project, hope to get it translated soon.
A couple of complaints:

* itoa is not part of the C standard and thus using it is bad practice and breaks portability. I believe the correct way to convert between strings and other datatypes in C++ is using streams (stringstream). sprintf could also be an alternative.

* Using windows.h obviosly isn't cross-platform. Removing it didn't produce errors, but I don't know if it had other effects.

Anyway, after fixing the above two issues, I got it to compile on linux and the program also worked. I'll wait for the translation to test it more. However, I hate editors that force me to create a project (like this seemed to do?). I want to be able to just open an arbitrary file, edit and test it without the overhead of projects.

Also, the source code is in german, which is an issue especially for an open source project.

EDIT: side note: the editor didn't work through WINE. It started and didn't crash, but the controls were inactive, menus didn't show and it was by all accounts unusable.
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Postby Stueber » Nov 27, 2009 19:26

Language files will be supported soon (work in progress). I know about the two issues you mentioned. I'll try to solve the project problem.
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Postby Stueber » Nov 28, 2009 20:16

The english translation is complete.

You can get the english version at:

All translated strings reside in the "settings.ini" file.
Everyone is welcome to translate the file into another language or make corrections to the english translation file.

The current version contains some features that are still under development, but it's the first version that supports language files.

Please post any comments/questions/suggestions.

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Postby TheMG » Nov 28, 2009 20:28

Very nice! I love how the UI is clean and customizable.

Two missed translations: Help menu -> About this program and Tools -> Upload to NoPaste -> Title is Tittel.

Some suggestions: Combine the find and replace panels into one with three buttons, find, replace and replace all. Perhaps group new file and new project next to each other and same for open. On the toolbar, allow the new button to create a new file when a project isn't open. Also, don't ask for the new file name when they create a new one, just leave it as "untitled 1" etc until they save.


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