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Postby Gonzo » Dec 23, 2011 19:38

I have a gripe thats been bothering me for a long time now,
it seems the bookmarks disappear randomly, pretty much all the time
i also wish they werent per page, but project global

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Postby Cherry » Dec 30, 2011 18:04

fxm wrote:For more than a week, the Web site http://radasm.cherrytree.at/fbedit/ for FBedit does not answer any more.
What happens?

A bit late, but maybe you still want the answer: I had serious problems with my server, until I finally moved to another provider (it wasn't so easy to get the domain transferred, unfortunately).

Now everything should be fine again (apart from the fact that KetilO hasn't replied to my messages for more than a year now).
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Re: FbEdit

Postby vdecampo » Feb 08, 2012 20:46

I've got FBEdit working ok under Linux with WINE but I can't execute the program from the IDE. It just locks up. I can run the compiled exe from the terminal or desktop manager. Anybody been able to solve this?

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Re: FbEdit

Postby bcohio2001 » Apr 06, 2012 13:50

Great work, thanks!

I have 2 suggestions:
1. In dual pane mode have the option for the 2 views side by side or top and bottom. This makes it easier to "compare" code.
2. When closing a file that you have modified, give option to NOT save the changes in the undo file.
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FBEDIT Fixed Replace BUG

Postby recode » Apr 15, 2012 18:34

In find.bas.
line 735.

Old Code:

Code: Select all

                     If f.fres<>-1 Then
                        SendMessage(ah.hred,EM_REPLACESEL,TRUE, CUInt(@f.replacebuff))
                        If f.fdir=2 Then
                           ' Up

New Code:

Code: Select all

                     If f.fres<>-1 Then
                        Dim As LONG lTmp = f.ft.chrg.cpMin
                        SendMessage(ah.hred,EM_REPLACESEL,TRUE, CUInt(@f.replacebuff))
                        If f.fdir=2 Then
                           ' Up
                           If lTmp = f.ft.chrg.cpMin Then
                              f.ft.chrg.cpMin += Len(f.replacebuff) - Len(f.findbuff)
                              f.ft.chrg.cpMax += Len(f.replacebuff) - Len(f.findbuff)
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Re: FbEdit

Postby blakkcat » Apr 29, 2012 10:48

I wondered as to why there is a "block complete", "auto brace" but no automatic string close , i.e. when I start a string (double quotes) it would be nice to not to have to type the closing double quotes again..

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Re: FbEdit

Postby Kot » Sep 12, 2012 19:37

There's an issue when working on a pendrive, when I click "compile and run" it hangs up, I must save the program first and then press Compile and run. Looks like my pendrive is too slow and it tries to compile the program before it finishes saving it.
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How can I refer to more than three help files using F1 key a

Postby Makoto WATANABE » Oct 28, 2012 8:28

How can I refer to more than three help files using F1 key at FbEdit ?

FbEdit can display an applicable page from two help files with F1 key in a keyword of codes.
Help Menu
The first entry must be the Win32.hlp (windows api reference) file.
The second entry must be the FB.chm (FreeBASIC help) file.

I would like to add a help file of library Window9 and to refer to three or more help files by F1 key.

I found FbEHelp-v1.2.zip.

However, even if I use FbEHelp-v1.2.zip, it is displayed only from two kinds of help files.
Please teach me how to use FbEHelp-v1.2.zip.
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Re: FbEdit

Postby Kyoushuu » Mar 11, 2013 8:17

Sorry for the late reply. I am the author of FbEHelp. I replied for those who might be interested on using FbEHelp.

The FbEHelp addin uses Help Data Files to select which help file should be opened on a keyword. This file should have the same filename as the help file, with the extension replaced with "fhd". Those help files should be in the file "FbEdit.ini".

For example:
Help Data File of "Z:\FbEdit\Help\Win32 Developer's Reference\win32.hlp" is "Z:\FbEdit\Help\Win32 Developer's Reference\win32.fhd"
Help Data File of "Z:\FbEdit\Help\FreeBASIC\FB-manual-0.20.0.chm" is "Z:\FbEdit\Help\FreeBASIC\FB-manual-0.20.0.fhd"

The format of the help data file is as follows:
- The first line is the title of the help file
- The next lines contains the keywords, one keyword per line. They should be arranged alphabetically when in lower-case.
- It is possible to make the search keywords in your sources and help files to be different using the KeySearch feature: In the line "If[tab]If...End If", when you hit F1 while the cursor is in a word "If", FbEHelp will open the help file and will search for "If...End If" (this is used in the FreeBASIC Manual mainly, because the keywords for blocks contains the start and end keyword)

Read FbEHelp.htm included in the zip file for more info.

Note that FbEHelp is no longer developed. This is because the author of FbEdit no longer updates the IDE, I no longer use FreeBASIC and moved to C and Vala, there are only a small number of people who use FbEdit and FbEHelp these days, and I am busy with my studies.

If there's anyone who wants to contact me, my new email has the domain "yahoo.com" with username "kyoushuu". Didn't post it as username@domain to prevent spam :D
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Re: FbEdit

Postby matwachich » Apr 09, 2013 11:09

FbEdit lacks 2 things (in my opinion):
- Plugins creation documentation or tutorial. Or at least, a very simple well commented plugin as example
- Highlight selected word/text occurences in the editor, like in code::blocks, or Scite4AutoIt for example

Edit: Also, I couldn't get MakeApi.exe working, I have an error message saying: "No Properties"

Thanks for this great tool!
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Re: FbEdit

Postby dafhi » Jun 27, 2013 0:44

bug - if a folder contains tile.exe and tile test.exe

and i click Run for tile test.bas
tile.exe runs
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Re: FbEdit

Postby dodicat » Jun 27, 2013 2:40

Hi Dafhi.
You shouldn't leave a space.
If you create a t test.bas , compile it, it'll not run in the command box no matter which way you try.
It'll run by clicking it.
That's the way it is here anyway (XP).
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Re: FbEdit

Postby chung » Jul 03, 2013 7:29

hi, i have a problem :

when i declare a sub mysub(text as string,text2 as string,i as integer,...)
fbedit recognize all parameters in the functions list on the bottom right window, which is usefull when i enter a new call to the sub, the parameters with their names and the current param hilighted , appear near the input cursor

but if i declare a sub mysub(text as string="value...",text2 as string,i as integer,...)
the sub is recognized in the functions list as mysub(text as string) and the other following parameters infos dont appear when i enter a new call to the sub...

i have tested it on an older and the last version of fbedit, i have windows 7 starter
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Re: FbEdit

Postby MOD » Jul 03, 2013 8:02

KetilO hadn't replied on the forum for quite a while and doesn't even answer on emails. However, at other parts of the FBEdit repository at sf.net every now and then some commits are done by him.

He seems to have completely lost his interest in FB or simply has no spare time anymore. I don't think, there will be an update.
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Re: FbEdit

Postby MrSwiss » May 16, 2014 13:43

Hi all,

there is an issue with FBE and Windows Update (Win 8.1 Pro 64bit) I've encountered today:

- FBE was open (with *.bas and *.bi file(s) loaded, Not a Project *.fbp) while doing a 'Win.-Update'

The Files where downloaded OK but 'preparing installation' wendt into an endless loop.

- FBE had to be 'killed' using TaskManager (Alt+F4 not working anymore).

So my advice is: before doing any Windows Update close FBE and your'e save ;-)

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