C-like for() statement using macros

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Re: C-like for() statement using macros

Postby dodicat » Aug 22, 2018 9:35

With -gen gcc (all these loops (while,for,do) are parsed to GOTO LABEL in the c code.
-gen gcc -Wc -O3 for example.
But after that it's up to the team at gcc HQ what happens next.
Even Fibonacci .

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 #macro forloop(a,b,c,instruction)
#define labl  label:
if b then goto labl
#undef label
end scope

dim as ulongint acc,ctr

forloop(dim as ulongint x=0,x<=5000000000000000000,x+=acc-(x-2)-(x-1),acc+=(x-1):ctr+=1:print ctr;tab(5);acc+1)
forloop(dim as long p=0,p<24,p+=1,print "=";)
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Re: C-like for() statement using macros

Postby dafhi » Aug 22, 2018 13:25

my bad. i forgot to swap :)

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