Windows 10 system font sizes.

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Windows 10 system font sizes.

Postby deltarho[1859] » May 17, 2017 16:36

I thought my eyes were going. This last few weeks menus ( drop down, right click context and so on ) seemed to be more difficult to read. I then found out that the option I had been using was removed in the Windows 10 Creators Update and the system defaults applied. I very much doubt that anyone complained about this option since all they had to do was simply not use it.

Anyway, anyone who is adept at tinkering with the registry can mess about with the WindowMetrics key. I stopped being intimidated by the registry a long time ago but I do not need to venture there. I found this: System Font Size Changer. The download link is at the bottom of the page.

I increased all my values from 0 to 2. It is a small change but it makes all the difference to me. Having said that I may increase the tooltip size a little further.

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