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Postby deltarho[1859] » Jun 08, 2018 22:13

No source code here, folks. However, I am not using any code that I have not already published on this forum.

Written with FreeBASIC 1.06 64 bit and compiled with gcc 8.1. The 8.1 compiler was used not for performance reasons but because it produced the smallest binary - Encrypternet.exe is only 142KB.

What you get is Encrypternet.exe, GenerateKeysPairs.exe, Encrypternet.chm and License.txt. Please read the licence.

The Help begins with:

Code: Select all

Encrypternet is a little utility for encrypting files in such a way that they may be safely sent over the internet.
The minimum operating system requirement is Windows Vista. Encrypternet uses Microsoft Windows functions that are not available in older platforms.

Everything to do with AES encryption, RSA encryption, SHA hashing and DSA signing is done automatically and packaged into a single file for transmission. Decryption is equally straightforward with the various components being extracted resulting in a plaintext file identical to the one used by the sender.

I have the Encrypternet directory on a flash drive. With home encryption all we do is select a target file and we are done.

No password is required - a random 256 bit binary key is determined and only ever used once.

I am not going too rattle on any further - the Help explains everything.

Encrypternet zipped folder

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