Sound output?

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Sound output?

Postby Achaean » Aug 02, 2017 16:05

Hi! :-)

How can I have sound output in FB?

At Windows, I can use the BEEP command, but seems to be broken at Linux.
The wiki BEEP page drives you to an old post, mostly not usable today.
A forum search, reveals many articles, but most of them are Windows only and they're outdated too.

So my question is, does someone was successfully managed to have (just a simple) sound output on Linux recently (lets say, the last year)?

PS. a Shell command with a media player playing a sound file (eg. a ding wav) is maybe an option, but usually external commands are the last resort, because are much slower than internal ones.

TIA! :-)
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Re: Sound output?

Postby VANYA » Aug 03, 2017 13:45

Hi Achaean!

If you want to play simply BEEP through the speaker, then in the help there is an example of sound output through the port:
Run this example with ROOT in linux or with administrator privileges in Windows.

If you want to play WAV on Linux, then refer to the libraries: FMOD, BASS, SDL_MIXER .
A bit more complicated example is in the folder with the compiler playing with OPENAL.
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Re: Sound output?

Postby Achaean » Aug 03, 2017 19:18

THANKS Vanya!!! :-)

I'll look at it and I'll be back! :-)

Meanwhile I did some homework and to my astonishment, something messed with my Yakuake configuration, so thus the sound problem.
Maybe some update or a third-party tool installation? I'm not sure but I reconfigured it and now everything works flawlessly.
Now BEEP reproduces the default sound (who can be selected (if someone uses KDE, at Yakuake Settings or KDE Control Panel -> Notifications -> and choice from the drop down list (for KDE 4)).

PS. At the time of my personal homework I didn't know Vanya's answer, so consider this a workaround (although Vanya pointed out the straight forward solution). :-)

Just in case who someone wants more complicated sound, he can work from shell with paplay.
Eg. here's a small BAS:

Code: Select all

INPUT "Play sound?",A
IF A="Y" THEN SHELL "paplay /home/giorgos/ding.wav"

paplay is from pulseaudio installation (which comes preinstalled on most systems).
"paplay -h" for help or "paplay --list-file-formats" for supported audio types.

Similar functionality on aplay and play commands (but you need to redirect console output to avoid onscreen garbage).
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Re: Sound output?

Postby TeeEmCee » Aug 05, 2017 8:09

Those libraries VANYA mentioned are pretty heavy weight if you just want to play a .wav, since they do so much more than that.
For example plain SDL can load and play .wav files or play a PCM stream. SDL_mixer builds on top of SDL, adding support for various audio formats like ogg Vorbis and MIDI.

Pulseaudio and paplay aren't on 100% of distributions, while ALSA is pretty much supported by 100% of them. Not sure if aplay is always present, though. It seems like a decent solution to me.

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