FBC ver 1.06.0 DOS

DOS specific questions.
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FBC ver 1.06.0 DOS

Postby dasyar » Feb 19, 2019 15:29

I was just looking through the distribution, and I found it a little confusing to identify what is valid for DOS in the examples dir. In the main thread for the DOS distribution, it was mentioned that there is some experimental multitasking, but I do not see anything in the DOS examples dir that would provide some direction.

Also, I noticed that there is a GUI dir, in the examples dir, does this mean that there is some built in FBC functions for creating GUI in the DOS environment? If so, where do I find a listing of the widgets that would be available.

Noticed something about http, does this really apply to the DOS distribution. If so, I would imagine you would need a warning stating that a DOS driver, if one is available, should be installed, before running the example program. Maybe the DOS example installs a driver, but that is not readily apparent in the code.

I got the feeling that the FBC developers were/are debating as to whether further support for DOS should continue, I guess that will become evident in time. But, in the mean time maybe some clarity in the DOS examples dir could be implemented.

Thanks for your consideration.
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Re: FBC ver 1.06.0 DOS

Postby counting_pine » Feb 20, 2019 14:08

It's true that the DOS platform doesn't get as much love as Windows or Linux.
I guess for most examples with external dependencies, it's a question of "is this library available for this OS?" This may change for each library over time, and it's not really something we track in general.

For examples without dependencies, I guess most of them should belong to a specific wiki page, which should tell you whether there are platform-specific differences for that function.

Maybe for platform-dependent code (without dependencies), there are few enough cases where it doesn't work on some platforms, that it's worth adding a note to that effect on each code sample?

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