Change heap size

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Change heap size

Postby Cpcdos » Aug 06, 2016 12:17


I would to know how to change heap size from FBC.EXE parameters ?

I know -t <value in kb> for the stack
I've tested "-Wl" "-Wa" arguments

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-Wl --heap=0x100000
-Wl heap=0x100000
but I've "unrecognized option" (Same problem with -Wa)

I want to use under FreeBasic compiler the

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-Wl,--stack=0x100000 -Wl,--heap=0x100000
How I proceed ?

Thank you
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Re: Change heap size

Postby St_W » Aug 06, 2016 16:48

Maybe that's different for DOS, but usually you don't specify a heap size explicitly AFAIK. You rather use memory allocation/deallocation functions of your operating system or programming language (e.g. Allocate/Deallocate in FB or calloc/malloc/free in C (or in FB too)). So all memory is available to your program in theory and you are limited by the memory allocations, which may fail if no more memory (or no more large enough block of contiguous memory is available).

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