database server access from dos

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database server access from dos

Postby Gablea » Jun 07, 2014 20:42

hi all,

does anyone know what database i can use in dos? also does anyone know if it is possible to access
a rdms database from DOS (example a firebird server)
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Re: database server access from dos

Postby angros47 » Jun 08, 2014 14:21

There are many database software for dos here:

Under dos, the most used database format was .DBF (used by DBaseIII and many others); the format is described here:

It was possible to access DBF files in QBASIC, using a program like this:
so accessing them in FreeBasic shouldn't be hard.
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Re: database server access from dos

Postby marcov » Jun 08, 2014 14:34

Another one is BTrieve,

Potentially interesting because afaik the successor support Pervasive, support many older Dos options.

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