Using PixelPlus256 for FB sprites

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Using PixelPlus256 for FB sprites

Postby kiyotewolf » Jan 02, 2012 18:50

I'm not sure who's tried to use the standard sprite files from QBasic with PixelPlus256, importing, and failed, getting the "Invalid File Format" error and got really ticked off.

ww xx xx yy yy zz zz

ww: A signature byte equal to 253, which tells DOS and other
programs that this is a Basic BSAVE/BLOAD format file.
xx xx: The segment address from the last BSAVE.
yy yy: The offset address from the last BSAVE.
zz zz: The number of bytes BSAVEd.

I found, using a hex editor, and the supplied graphics, that if you replace bytes 2 and 3 with these..


instead of whatever's there, so far, it lets PP load the sprite file as if it was the normal type it created itself.

I've tested it so far on 3 varied sprites, various sizes.

I doubt it's bullet proof, but at least it's some progress.


I'm going to be building this into a BSAVE and BLOAD routine which will let a user downgrade a full RGB sprite, by selecting out 256 colors from their sprite, without losing quality, and has this PixelPlus256 export feature.

The reason this is relevant to FB, for those of you arguing about legacy programming, one of the greater games, a schump (spelling?) 's graphics was made using PP256.

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Re: Using PixelPlus256 for FB sprites

Postby Xcoder » Apr 14, 2012 22:25

check this out.., did it a while ago and it's a bit sloppy.. Might help.


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