Watcom debugger with FBC?

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Watcom debugger with FBC?

Postby danielnice » Aug 07, 2018 14:36

I'm try to find a way to move from MS-BASIC/MASM to FreeBASIC on DOS.
Later, I would like to move again to non-X-Window Linux.

Can the DOS version of Watcom Debugger be made to work with debug output from FreeBASIC?
If so, what options are needed on FBC command-line and what options must be included with WD (or installed)?

The user-interface of WD seems much more similar to CodeView for DOS than GDB and I think it would help get this off the ground faster for me.
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Re: Watcom debugger with FBC?

Postby caseih » Aug 07, 2018 17:47

EDIT: Probably not. FB uses the DJGPP linker and debug symbol format. See Marcov's response below.
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Re: Watcom debugger with FBC?

Postby marcov » Aug 07, 2018 18:31

Afaik Watcom uses the old codeview debug format, while djgpp's go32v2 uses stabs (and maybe later versions DWARF).

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