Bad situation for portable GUI's?

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Postby fsw » Jun 27, 2005 17:47

D.J.Peters wrote:(sorry bad english)
v1ctor wrote:...One day somebody may start a project to write a #####Basic-ish, non-OO, small, multi-platform GUI library for FB, but it may take time..

Thanx v1ctor,
but please don't spent time for an GUI lib (we can do it too) use your time for OO or the needed debuging part breakpoints an the other havy debug things PLEASE

v1ctor wrote:No, it won't be me that will code that you can be sure, i know nothing about GUI programming, much less in different platforms. That's a task for users with knowledge about the quirks of each system and yeah, with quite a lot of free time.

Building gui? Been there done that.

And it's not fun at all, because all the quirks on the different OS - as Vic mentioned.
If you code something on WinXP you can be sure that it won't work the same on Win9x. No it's not fun at all. I'm not talking about Linux here. All the quirks of GTK with or without GLADE (or any another GUI-LIB) come as an additional gift. There goes so much time down the drain only to get the code running on different OS'ses.

Some while ago I've started to make a win lib in fb using the wx syntax.
This way I was able to switch from the wx-c.dll to the win-lib without changing the main code. I've mentioned it in another thread on this forum some time ago, but nobody, really nobody, said anything, so I stopped working on it. It doesn't make sense to me to work on code for a community if nobody shows at least a little interest.

It seems that the people here are more interested in game creation.

Besides: because there is wx-c and iup, there is no reason to start a new non-oop gui coded in fb.

If there would exist real oop functionality in fb this would be nice, and maybe a motivator to start such a beast. But for now I take a break.

Conclusion: if somebody needs gui use the wx-c stuff based on Dumbledore's work.
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Postby Antoni » Jun 27, 2005 19:12

Well, it's not people is mostly interested in game programming.
It's the great gfxlib can't be used in a gui environment. So you program GUI or you program console or you program Gfxlib..and GUI programming has yet to show it's strength in FB.

If GUI programming could be done as easy as in the old RapidQ AND gfxlib could be used in a GUI window, FB would be the best thing since sliced bread...

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