Feature Request: Methods in Types

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Feature Request: Methods in Types

Postby RockTheSchock » Mar 12, 2006 16:53

Wouldn't it be nice to have more object oriented TYPE's?

if you could write:

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TYPE wndObject
     PRIVATE title AS STRING 'private: only accessible from Method
     SUB paintALL()        'new Type Methods
         print this->title    'this as new Keyword in Methods
     END SUB

DIM wnd AS wndObject
wnd.paintAll ()                'this = @wnd

I dont know if it's a good Idea to Implement SUbs and Functions in Type Blocks, but in Java methods are implemeted in Classes, too.

A nice to have feature would be an EXTENDS Keyword for TYPEs

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TYPE Person
   name AS String
   SUB PrintAll
      print this->name

TYPE Employee EXTENDS Person
   sallary AS DOUBLE
   SUB PrintAll                 'overwrites Method from person
      print this->sallary
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Postby jofers » Mar 12, 2006 16:55

Object oriented programming is on the to-do list, but it will wait while the compiler is adapted to gcc, and after that it will still take awhile to implement, so you can use useful C++ classes like vector and directx.

So: It's on the horizon, but don't hold your breath waiting :)
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Postby 1000101 » Mar 12, 2006 18:36

Also, Fb allows function pointers in structures (types) but you can't put the function directly in as you did.

The best you can do is what I showed shadowolf, seen here: http://www.freebasic.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3298
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Think about the code above as suggestion

Postby RockTheSchock » Mar 12, 2006 21:15

What you have shown Shadowolf I've already used on my own in one of my projects. It disturbs me that in every Procedure I must add an extra parameter "this as ... ptr" and I have to set the Pointer to a procedure.

It's just an idea, how the compiler could be extended with OOP.

I wanted to hear what syntax you would like to have in a future version of fbc and I wanted some statements from an fbc developer if it's possible to implement these suggestions.

For example if the compiler reaches a statement like

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it moves the adress of wnd to a register and inside a method "this" is automatically created as "DIM this AS TypeName PTR" and the adress in the register is moved to "this".

thats how I would implement this future. Alternatively it could be pushed like any other paramter to the stack, but hidden without the need to be declared. It would be even better if you dont need to write this-> in front of members of the Type.

If a Procedure would be defined globally and not inside the type
"DIM this AS TypeName PTR" could not be created automatically but it has to be declared explicit. So a normal global procedure could be used as Method of a Type and there would be no need for a Method in a typeblock.
In this case if this line of code
"DIM this AS TypeName PTR"
is defined in a global procedure whenever it's called from an var of custom type it's filled with its adress.

I hope you understand what I mean, beacause my English isnt that good
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Postby VirusScanner » Mar 12, 2006 22:16

You'll have to wait around a while, but soon FB will have the CLASS statement, and all that you're asking for will be possible:

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class person
    name as string
    sub set_name( nm as string )
        this->name = nm
    end sub
end class

class employee extends person
    id as integer
    sub set_info( newid as integer, nm as string )
        this->id = newid
        this->name = nm
    end sub
end class

at least is how I think it will work.
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Postby tunginobi » Mar 13, 2006 0:34

I like how VS has it laid out. Nice and clean.

And don't you worry, Rock, OO is on the list for stuff to be added to FB.
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Postby v1ctor » Mar 13, 2006 1:07

From the TODO list:

[ ] classes
- *MUST* follow the GCC 3.x ABI to make it easier to reuse C++ libs compiled by GCC
- single inheritance, plus interfaces
- exceptions - with stack unwind support
- operator overloading
- properties
- pure virtual methods
- down casting
- name space
- static constructors and destructors
- some support for RTTI

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