Name a variable after a register

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Name a variable after a register

Postby IchMagBier » Aug 10, 2019 4:22

Hi! :)

I have a problem with a variable named "rax" (like the x86_64 register). It all worked fine until I wrote a bit of inline assembler, that uses the actual rax register:

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dim as integer rax
asm mov rax,42 ' This should work with the register, not the variable
print rax ' 42

The bit of asm should actually move 42 to the register, not the variable. I thought you would need "[rax]" in inline asm to move to/from memory.
Temporarily I renamed the variable to "_rax", which is ugly, but works. Is there another solution maybe?
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Re: Name a variable after a register

Postby fxm » Aug 10, 2019 6:36

In the asm code, the square brackets (around FB variable or FB function return) are mandatory for "gas", but optional for "gcc" (your case).

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