any lib for writing a webbrower

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any lib for writing a webbrower

Postby oyster » Jan 14, 2006 12:21

I want to write a webbrowser on windows os, so I need such lib/libs:
1. it can render the html, but not the html subset) file correctly
2. I can custom the event function when a new url opens, so I can block the popup ads, open the new url in the currently window or in a new tab just like maxthon, greenbrowser do.

Is there such things exist? thanx in adavnce.

I have tried wxWidget, though in Python language with wxPython, however:
1. wxHtml does not support full html standard, for example, it cannot hanlde style sheet.
2. I have tried to modify the InternetExploer Active example coming with wxpython, but cannot find the way to deal with newwindows2 mothod, every new page lauches a new IE window.
Sterling Christensen
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Postby Sterling Christensen » Jan 14, 2006 13:02

You could use the same rendering engine that Netscape, Firefox, and Mozilla use, Gecko.

There's also gtkhtml, but I don't know if that only a Gnome thing, or something that also works on Windows.

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