Help with converting this code

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Help with converting this code

Postby Gablea » May 02, 2017 13:59

Hi All

I have here ( my current Database functions they work fine with local data files
but I want to again try to convert them to work with MySQL (you can find the sql set up here (it contains example data as well) I have if needed the existing data files for the system and the lastest source code for this project (i know moving it to MySQL support would stop me from using DOS but I can now use Linux on the older DOS machines with no problems and the application RUNS just as well on Linux as it did on DOS)

the last time I tried to convert this to MySQL it was a disaster when I entered a item number it worked but when I entered a lottery number it sold the lottery as the last item scanned (example say I sold a Bottle of Vodkas it would use the details from the vodka to sell the lottery ticket so insert of it being £2.50 it would sell the ticket for £19.99)

Example Lottery Numbers

so the ticket is like this
the first 7 numbers 2083804 is the game id in the database
then numbers from position 9 to position 12 is the price (in the first barcode that would be 0200)
the last number is just the check sum that I do not use at the moment as the lottery tickets are printed with the retail barcode on them

I am willing to pay someone to convert this for me to MySQL (I can update the other functions on the software ie IP address of server, DatabaseName , userName & Password)

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