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Postby albert » Dec 15, 2015 0:56

I downloaded FBEdit from sourceforge

And it had several trojan horse bugs in it,
my anti-Virus caught on install them but i installed it anyways

And then my system ended up having several bugs and my antivirus deleted my FBIDE *.exe files because they had virus's in them.

The author of FBEdit needs to go on sourceforge and upload new files that don't have viruses in them.

Mmaybe someone hacked the sourceforge files and injected the files with viruses.
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Re: FBEdit

Postby srvaldez » Dec 15, 2015 1:36

Hi albert
sorry to hear of your problems, please checkout the German site, they have local copies of a number of IDE's including FBedit https://www.freebasic-portal.de/downloa ... freebasic/
just went to the FBedit homepage and it's blank, something isn't right http://fbedit.freebasic.net
Tourist Trap
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Re: FBEdit

Postby Tourist Trap » Dec 15, 2015 13:59

Wooo... very frightening. Shouldn't the FBEDit sourceforge program be reuploaded in a sane version right now?
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Re: FBEdit

Postby caseih » Dec 15, 2015 19:40

Are you sure it was not just a false positive? For whatever reason fb executables are often marked by antivirus software as being a virus or malware. Some heuristic match I bet.

Anyway, hopefully the original author can post the executable sha hash so we can verify that the download is pristine.

I assume one can build from source as well.

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