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Postby Theunis Jansen » May 07, 2013 22:02

@ Dodicat
Thank you. This is something to know.
I guess I acted the dummy on this one. I always say read the manual and then I failed to read it.
Okay I was a bit distracted by the Fullscreen story but.... (any excuse is at least an excuse)

You know the last time - about a year ago - when I asked about it I was told to use Draw string.. so I was not really alone in my assumption.
At that time i gave it up as a bad job and finally stopped programming. But my Cuz got me to help someone so I started poking around again.

Perhaps in the Help file re SCREEN under "See also" Color could also be included; The RGBA ref did not tell me anything. and neither did the print to the screen.
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Postby dodicat » May 07, 2013 22:57

Remember that it is easy to set a background colour and text colour for a window while screen looping.

Code: Select all

screen 19,32,,1
dim as uinteger DarkGreen=rgb(0,50,0)
dim as uinteger Reddish=rgb(200,0,0)
color Reddish,DarkGreen

    for z as integer=2 to 30
    locate z,z
    print "Hello"
    next z
    sleep 1,1
    loop until len(inkey)

There might be assembler instructions to simulate ALT + ENTER to toggle between Full screen and Window during run time.
I've tried all sorts of other stuff using shell ( "~~"), but no luck.
Maybe it's been done somewhere on the forum already.
Theunis Jansen
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Postby Theunis Jansen » May 09, 2013 9:46

@ Dodicat

I followed your suggestions and they are 100% what I needed. Thank you.
It is much easier to say COLOR Bwhite, Bblue (B=Bright) than to try to remember what the different integers are for a color

The only thing I found on WIN7/8 is that my program is rather slow to start up and it take ages to switch from a Window to Fullscreen or Fullscreen to a Window.
Trying to run it on my daughters PC - Vista Ultimate - is like boarding "a slow train to China"
On XP it is a whippet but XP is also phased out.
I don't see any gain from 64 bit except for more accuracy with Maths. But hey we are everyday users not navigators on spaceships.

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