FreeBASIC and Basic

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FreeBASIC and Basic

Postby kenshizl » Sep 26, 2012 20:43

How close is FreeBASIC related to Basic? Is there any relation or is Basic a completely different programming language?
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Re: FreeBASIC and Basic

Postby Merick » Sep 26, 2012 21:45

FreeBASIC is basic - in as much as american english, british english, and austrailian english are all english. There are as many different dialects of basic as there are regional dialects of english. They all have the same general format, but the finer details are different depending on who wrote the compiler

In syntax and code structure FB most closely resembles Microsoft's version - quickbasic
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Re: FreeBASIC and Basic

Postby Richard » Sep 26, 2012 22:48

FreeBASIC extends beyond the original BASICs since it keeps up to date with the evolving hardware and software technology standards.
BASIC is an acronym of Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. BASIC is usually capitalised.
So I believe the question should be; "FreeBASIC and BASIC". The connection then is clearer. One is Free.
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Re: FreeBASIC and Basic

Postby Destructosoft » Sep 27, 2012 2:30

So far as I'm concerned, this is the spiritual successor of Microsoft's BASIC "standard" when they dropped the ball with VB.NET.

They could even be said to have dropped the ball earlier-- when they stopped including BASICs in Windows. For free.

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