Overloading Class Methods

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Overloading Class Methods

Postby Eclipzer » Nov 15, 2008 7:05

So, I stumbled upon the fact that FB doesn't require class methods to be explicitly overloaded:

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  type myClass
    as integer dummy
    declare sub method(value as integer)
    declare sub method(text  as string)
  end type
  sub myClass.method(value as integer)
    ? value
  end sub
  sub myClass.method(text as string)
    ? text
  end sub
  dim as myClass object

Just curious to know if this is a bug, or why this is the case and whether or not I should explictly overload my class methods anyway.
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Postby v1ctor » Nov 15, 2008 14:44

Yeah, inside namespaces or classes it's automatic, no 'overload' needed.

That could be used in all cases in -lang fb, but before we had no -lang option and the compatibility with QB was more important (ages ago).

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