simple video library?

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simple video library?

Postby Veggiet » Apr 24, 2008 21:17

Ok, here is what I'm looking for. A simple video object that would allow editing and parsing of a video, I don't want a video player, but it might come in handy. My Idea is to have video be an object type like:

Code: Select all

Type video
         file as string
         current_frame as frame ptr
         previous_frame as frame ptr
         next_frame as frame ptr

         get_frame as function(frm_number)
End Type

Type frame as Image
End Type

This would allow easy editing of video. My reason for wanting this is to create my own motion matching/tracking software. I realize that this is not an easy task to accompolish, I also know from searching the forum that there are a lot of C libraries that can be converted into freebasic, but why not a have a library made completelly in freebasic? I furthermore realize that this is something that I probably may have to code myself, but I am probably somewhere in-between beginner and intermediate programmer, with limited time. I think (not sure) that I could come up with my own motion matching algorithms, if only I had an easy way to load avi files into freebasic. Is this something that others are interested in? Is there a library out there that I have missed that might be helpful?
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Postby Nexinarus » Apr 24, 2008 22:39

Well there are tools (especially on linux) that convert movies into a series of images which could be easily loaded into freebasic.
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Postby KristopherWindsor » Apr 24, 2008 22:45

I would like to add animations, I.E. some things drawn with Line, to some videos, and maybe some hue / saturation / lighting effects, too. :-)
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Postby D.J.Peters » Apr 30, 2008 20:57

you can use the lib from VideoLAN - VLC media player (WINDOWS, LINUX)
it's open source under GNU GPL and the C interface is very easy to use (for beginners too)

you can stream (In/Out) any video format / recording / playback
from files/streams/devices all together if you like



Tutorials: (Win and Lin)

SDL example:

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