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Postby johnluke » Aug 07, 2006 17:23

This is brand new to me and i wanna know how i can make a 2d mmorpg SERVER with this software because i've sen them before. could ANYONE give me a tutorial to get me started?

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Postby yetifoot » Aug 07, 2006 18:20

Your best bet is to start out reading

The wiki


If you've never used FreeBASIC before, then launching straight into a huge program is probably not the best idea. Start small first.

That said, also there are unlikely to be any tutorials on '2d mmorpg SERVER', however you may if luck if you look for basic mapping techniques, basic server/client info etc.
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Postby Zamaster » Aug 08, 2006 1:10

haha. Never coded before and your going for an MMORPG? wow uh... good luck dude? *hehe*
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Postby arenth » Aug 08, 2006 5:21

Ha yeah but how many soon to be programmers have you met that did not want to make an mmorpg, or the next quake killer and so on. I wanted to make an mmorpg (still do, I now however realize the massive undertaking it is)

We should not discourage new programmers from attempting to make the next big game, we should encourage it, after all the passion to make that game is what got most of us through the more tedious parts of learning to program.
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Postby anonymous1337 » Aug 08, 2006 5:23

Yes Arenth, then when they fail after working on a project for over a year it's okay. I'd rather guide someone from start to finish. You just can't take shortcuts so easilly without reprocussions. ^_~;;b
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Postby Shadowwolf » Aug 08, 2006 5:53

I'm guessing this if going to be the new favorite type question around here. kind of like back in the old QB days with the how to make an OS and how to make an RPG.

the big problem the way i see it is newbie programs jump into things expecting it will be easy type a few command and your done.

but the simple truth is that programing something as simple as a 2d game can take months for someone with the knowledge base to do it and with a preplanned idea on how the game engine will work. for a newbie programmer that just learning it could take years.

And a MMORPG is a massive undertaking and incredible difficult to pull off for even most seasoned coder. you need a large knowledge base on network programming, a deep understanding of how game engines work. god the work alone for the network code that keeps the game world in sync would be insane.
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Postby blahboybang » Aug 08, 2006 21:15

Maybe you should become Z!re's apprentice! ;D

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