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Re: Arrays

Postby fxm » Aug 04, 2017 14:17

fxm wrote:
MrSwiss wrote:second line (quick run): fbc -s console -exx

Yes, but the IDE does not provide a "pause" to read the run-time error message!
MrSwiss wrote:<sarcasm>fxm, just put a *Sleep* at the end (of code) and, your massive problem is solved</sarcasm>

I take that for a joke, but beginners can check that it does not work:

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Redim As Integer array(1 To 1)
Print array(0)

Print "End of program"
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Re: Arrays

Postby KenHorse » Aug 05, 2017 0:44

Thanks for the input. Yes I see my mistake by not defining Buf() as a UByte

What I'm trying to do is send a binary file to an embedded device that uses XMODEM for its transfer protocol (yes I know that's antiquated but it's a legacy device and I'm stuck with it)

I read the file in 128 byte groups, load the array with each byte and then need to output to the embedded device using XMODEM protocols. That is why I asked about being able to do a binary send of the complete array without any LF or CR.

This seems to work:

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For A = 1 to 128                               
    Print Chr(Buf(A));                               
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Re: Arrays

Postby Trinity » Oct 06, 2017 15:27

Brilliant discussion with a lot of info to pick up from - including FXMs "Nth time" advice that people can read without FXM repeating it (N+x)th time also - I mean if only people knew that all the info about IDEs and use of binary were buried here next to the info about the arrays. (I knew about the possibility to set IDE options but have not started to give compiler options a serious look , but I will see if I can remember FXMs "Nth time" advice)

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