C to Basic converter?

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Jocke The Beast
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C to Basic converter?

Postby Jocke The Beast » Nov 09, 2010 20:43

Well, I belive the answer is No, but you never know these days...
Do a program that convert C code to Basic exist?

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Postby j_milton » Nov 09, 2010 20:52

seems it's available commercially (No this is not spam, I have no interest in this company)
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Postby TJF » Nov 10, 2010 6:01

h_2_bi translates C headers to FreeBasic:

Jocke The Beast
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Postby Jocke The Beast » Nov 10, 2010 12:51

Thanks guys.
119$ seems a little to much though...

Great work with the "h_2_bi" :)
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Postby bulrush » Nov 11, 2010 13:36

BCX is a free compiler where you write you code in BASIC, then it translates it to C. There might be a utility with it that translates from C to basic, though. It's worth a try.

p.s. Don't worry. I like Freebasic much better. :)

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