How to make Windows applications using freebasic ?

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How to make Windows applications using freebasic ?

Postby renzo461 » Mar 17, 2008 22:02

can you make windows application using freebasic ?
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Postby D.J.Peters » Mar 17, 2008 23:16

i'm sure you too but can you use the windows forum section too? :-)

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Postby Blue » Mar 17, 2008 23:17

Well, when you make an FB program, it is a windows application. You're just running it in a console window. If you want a fancy window, then start off your program like this:

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Screen 7

And then compile with -s gui.

Also, if you want to have specific dimensions, use this command:

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Screenres A, B, 8

A is the height, B is the width.
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Postby tinram » Mar 18, 2008 23:31

You certainly can make a Win API application (I think that's what you meant) with FreeBASIC. I made my first (and only) one from an example file in the FreeBASIC windows examples directory. Coding the application in FreeBASIC is probably a lot easier than in C, but I still found it quite a steep learning curve.

You may find MichaelW's post very useful: for help on inline menus, accelerator keys, and other code examples. The MSDN website is also very useful (if at times frustrating).

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