comm problem with Debian Stretch

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comm problem with Debian Stretch

Postby dasyar » Dec 15, 2017 19:00

Below is a test program to print out incoming data. All that I am getting is blank lines, although the cursor does move along.

I checked out if I have a real connection with GTKTerm, and that does print out the data that I am expecting. Since this is running on the new Debian Stretch version of Linux, I am now wondering if something got changed, and freeBasic input# command is not responding correctly?


Code: Select all

' December 15, 2017
Dim As String Key,buffer

'Open Com "/dev/ttyUSB0:115200,n,8,1,cs0,ds0,cd0,rs" As #1
Open Com "/dev/ttyUSB0:115200,n,8,1" As #1

'main serial send/receive routine

   Key = Inkey$

   If Key = Chr$(27) Then    'Esc key
      Exit Do                'End the program
   End If

'Check for input
    While Loc(1) > 0
        buffer = Input$(Loc(1),#1) 'Grab a char
        Print buffer              'Print the char

Sleep 1,0

'close the port(s)

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