Include file for the Hantek LA5034 logic analyzer.

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Include file for the Hantek LA5034 logic analyzer.

Postby D.J.Peters » Nov 09, 2016 12:38

device LA5034:

34 Input channels
500 MHz Timing-Mode (Internal Clock)
200 MHz State-Mode (External Clock)
Built-in 250 MHz Frequency Counter
Continuously variable pre/post trigger position, Advanced Multi-Level Triggering
+6V to -6V Adjustable Logic Threshold
CAN, I2C, SPI and RS232 Interpreters

The 32-bit Windows XP/Vista GUI application comes with a dll file: "LAdll.dll" so you can write your own data logger or protocoll interpreter.


file: ""

Code: Select all

#ifndef __LADLL_BI__
#define __LADLL_BI__

#include once ""

  as BOOL EdgeTerm    ' Enable or Disable edge trigger
  as long EdgeSignal  ' edge trigger signal bit
  as long EdgeRaise   ' 0 = Rise 1 = Fall 2 = Rise or Fall
  as BOOL RangeTerm   
  as ulongint RangeSh
  as ulongint RangeMin
  as ulongint RangeMax
  as ubyte RangeMode ' 0: D=Max triggered 1:D=Max or D=Min triggered 2:D>Max or D<Min triggered 3:Max>D>Min triggered
  as BOOL TimeTerm
  as ulongint TimeMin
  as ulongint TimeMax
  as ubyte TimeMode ' 0:T=Max 1:T=Max or T=Min 2:T>Max or T<Min 3:Max>T>Min
  as BOOL EquTerm
  as ulongint EquSh
  as ulongint EquValue
  as ubyte EquMode
end type

extern "Windows-MS" lib "LADll"

declare function LAReadEE(byval index as long, byval offset as DWORD,byval lpvalue as LPWORD) as BOOL

declare function SearchLA(byval numDevs as LPDWORD, byval usbArray as long ptr) as BOOL

declare function LASetSampleRate(byval index as long, byval rate as ubyte, byval compress as ubyte, byval IsExtClk as ubyte) as BOOL

declare function LASetThresholdVolt(byval index as long, byval voltA as single, byval voltB as single) as BOOL

declare function LASetPreTrigger(byval index as long, byval preTrigger as ubyte) as ulongint

declare function LASetTrigger(byval index as long, byval triggerMode as ubyte, byval triggerA as PTRIGGER, byval triggerB as PTRIGGER,byval sampleRate as long) as BOOL

declare function LAReadLogic(byval index as long, byval Dat as ulongint ptr, byval finish as BOOL ptr) as long

declare function LATrigPre(byval index as long, byval trigNow as long, byval type as long, byval compress as BOOL, byval rate as long, byval prt as double) as BOOL

declare function LATrigLast(byval index as long, byval buffer as ulongint ptr) as BOOL

declare sub      LAGetLevel(byval buffer as ulongint ptr, byval nLen as ulong, byval pLevel as ubyte ptr, byval signal as long)

declare function LAXiuZheng(byval index as long, byval fThresholdVolt as single, byval nABFlag as long) as single

end extern

#endif ' __LADLL_BI__

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