8 channel input

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8 channel input

Postby tkpatric » Jul 18, 2008 10:30

Hello, is it worth the effort to translate my Dutch website ( http://www.libertybasic.0catch.com/ ) in English? Thanks to counting_pine I got it to work in FB, and so I could add a section for FreeBasic. It is about interfacing with the ic Max186, an ad-converter with 8 inputs. Are there any technicians here?
... sorry for my English...
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Postby phishguy » Jul 18, 2008 10:56

I would be interested in having an English translation and Yes, I am a technician. I currently work as an electronics engineering technician for a firm that designs and sells low frequency RFID readers and tags.
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Postby maddogg6 » Jul 18, 2008 15:38

yes, I am interested as well - I looked at it before and didnt quite understand what it was supposed to do exactly based on the google translation of the text on your site.

I also wanted to confirm that the par port output was supposed to have some relay to control (shown in your schematic as a box with a diagonal line) - I'm also guessing that relay is to control some heat source of some type. But I am only guessing - maybe you were just illustrating potential uses for your circuit - but not relating to the existing liberty basic code you provided.

p.s. - you english seems better than googles translations :D
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Postby tkpatric » Jul 18, 2008 17:38

I have provided a button to FreeBasic, with a little explanation. There are also 2 little programs, but all very temporary...
I hope I may use the logo of FB, otherwise I am in trouble...
If someone wants more explanation, push me in the right direction and I will update my website.( http://www.libertybasic.0catch.com/ )
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Postby Dinosaur » Jul 20, 2008 8:05

Hi all

I am sure there are lots of technicians that frequent this site, and expanding the interest in hardware interfacing is always good.
And I am also Dutch of origin.


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