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nastasa eodor
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Postby nastasa eodor » Oct 10, 2020 16:57

ok, i try to contact the freebasic team by email, was impossible for, so i use this way to contact them. I am builder of RqWork7(Kogaion), and i need permission from you, to use a download link inside my software, in case that the user have no freebasic compiler, installed in his computer.
Lost Zergling
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Re: Permission

Postby Lost Zergling » Oct 11, 2020 18:03

If you do not get answer from an admin, may I suggest you put the link to 1.07 (viewtopic.php?f=1&t=27885) in the licence terms ? I think, from a juridic point of view, till it is GPL, you have an obligation to inform user. So far, till it is suppose to be MANDATORY (in licence's terms), one may not contest your right to do so ! 1.08 seems to be not officially released yet, but till the licence is GPL, same reasoning shall apply ?
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Re: Permission

Postby coderJeff » Oct 11, 2020 23:56

Yeah, just follow the rules of the GPL & LGPL, etc.

A simple explanation on this forum: GPL Explained?

v1ctor wrote:Yes, you can create freeware, shareware or commercial open- and closed-source applications with FreeBASIC, the only restriction is that you can't include the compiler itself (fbc.exe) in a closed-source distribution.

The runtime library and the gfx lib are released under LGPL, you can link them against any kind of application (closed- or open-source).

Some libraries are not free for commercial use (Fmod and BASS for example) or were released under other licenses (GPL even), so you must check each first, before using them in a commercial app/game.

Licenses distributed with every release:
GPL - The compiler
LGPL - The run-time Library
libffi - A support libary

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