Problem with sufixes with FB v.1.06

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Josep Roca
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Problem with sufixes with FB v.1.06

Postby Josep Roca » Jun 22, 2018 17:24

FB 1.06 fails with error 108 even if the suffix appears in a remed line, e.g.:

'$JK_CLSID_FilterGraph = GUID$("{E436EBB3-524F-11CE-9F53-0020AF0BA770}")
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Re: Problem with sufixes with GB v.1.06

Postby coderJeff » Jun 22, 2018 17:47

Yeah, a bug. See #866 fbc throws lexer errors in comments stating with $

fbc confuses it for a QB-style '$ directive.

I typically use 2 single quote characters, probably habit from C++ style line comments also available in later versions of C

Is OK:

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''$JK_CLSID_FilterGraph    = GUID$("{E436EBB3-524F-11CE-9F53-0020AF0BA770}")

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