New version?

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Re: New version?

Postby fxm » Apr 07, 2018 21:21

All the FBIde + FBC files are in the only "C:\Users\fxmam\Documents\Mes Outils Personnels\FBIde0.4.6r4-FreeBASIC1.06.0.win64\" directory.
(this directory being always excluded of any antivirus test, Windows Defender or Avast)
With Windows Defender as the only antivirus, it seems that only FBIde cannot write any file in this directory, but fbc can do it.
Only FBIde seems to have problem with Windows Defender (not fbc)!
Due to its "FbIdeFix.dll" fix?

Defender shuts itself down as soon as you install a third party antivirus.
As I use Avast without its firewall function, the one of Windows Defender is still activate (but not its antivirus function).
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Re: New version?

Postby andykmv » Oct 17, 2018 2:15

coderJeff wrote:In my mind, to allow more contributors to be involved, I think it could go like this:
Next steps:
4) tag the repo with "1.06" version tag and this becomes the official source release

throwing some thoughts out there...
how about doing a staged release scheme, something like this before or at step 4 (an incremental/interative approach):

- an initial full "Testing" 1.06.x release candidate (maybe WinFBE could be the initial Windows vehicle for example as it is very active in dev & test),
& publish on DKL's News page ( as a 1.06 "Testing" release,
& as elements of the full release are being assembled they could be added to/updated on the 1.06 News page, building up towards a full release
as time permits, maybe include some metrics to help count down to stable release!

- a series of additional RC updates (binaries+changed files) say 5-10 fixes/updates at a time (to be aplied to the "Testing" release) with rc +=.1
that incorporate fixes from devs related to feedback from users/testers for the previous rc

- then the next "Stable" release could be declared once the fixes threshold has been reached (full release per DevMakingReleases)

giving the general populace of fbc users some indication of how the update is tracking toward a new release more visibly might help generate additional interest/involvement etc
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Re: New version?

Postby St_W » Oct 17, 2018 9:58

While I personally like the idea I don't think it can be implemented very soon for FB. Because if you're doing releases (no matter whether they are alpha/beta/rc/ga) so often you need to automate that. Currently the releases are built manually (with the help of some scripts) as far as I know, so doing additional ones will cause a lot of additional work.

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