Dilemma of un-paid Volunteer Community Efforts

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Dilemma of un-paid Volunteer Community Efforts

Postby speedfixer » Dec 06, 2017 21:12

People volunteer for community-based, non-paid common efforts for many reasons.

What we want to believe:

Passion for the topic - "I BELIEVE! This MUST succeed. I will help!"
Passion to help others - "I have a talent, you need help, I want to help those that need help."
Need: "I have a need. Something in this project will help toward my goal. I will work with you."

Sometimes, the reason is not so motivated:

"My friend works on this. I want my friend to be happy. I will work with my friend."
"Maybe this will succeed. I want to be a part of that success. I will work with you."
"This is interesting. I can spend time here. I have nothing else to do."
"I know so much about all this, I need to be here to help when needed."

Too often, we bump into other reasons:

"I am so smart. Let me show these people I know more than them."
"He made a tiny mistake or error. I can show how stupid he is and how smart I am. Everyone will like me."
"Everyone is so quick to help. I ask, they give, I don't have to do anything."

Only one or two of these would be acceptable if voiced for others to hear.
Too many of these are only a need for an expression of an ego.

Maybe your reason doesn't fit into any of these groups. Certainly a possibility.

It doesn't matter. People help because they WANT to, not because they must.


If you think you will score some points with a post you probably should NOT make that post.
If you feel it is important to always be right, then you should realize: you should NEVER say anything.
The race I belong to is the human race. Humans make mistakes.

Also: Humans are social animals. He exists ONLY within the context of those around him.
If he doesn't, he isn't a part of this conversation: we don't care.
A tree falling the the forest with no one to hear DOES NOT make a sound.
BUT, any lost person IS a loss to the community.

Be sensitive.
If someone is helping, help them.
If someone makes a mistake, be gentle.
If I have an injury, I would much rather see the doctor with a bandaid in his hand than a knife.

More than one *excellent* open source project was killed by the internal social culture, NOT by any failing on technical merit. If the culture is good, people will stay and new ones will arrive and stay.

Whatever someone's original motivation for being involved, that can change quickly.
A harsh word, denial of credit when due, repeated bashing.
Then - your primary coder, your primary library maintainer, your primary resident language syntax expert ...

How easy is it to poison the well we all drink from?

If you are new: welcome. You get xxx mistakes before we jump down your throat! (joke)

The rest of us: let us think a little before we post.


I am not inviting comment with this post. I am guilty, also.
The only person I have seen NOT make a poorly thought out post left earlier this year. He had made a few quick posts, but not poor posts.
Let this sink in the forums posts until forgotton. I THINK I didn't put any/many words that will be searched for later.
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Re: Dilemma of un-paid Volunteer Community Efforts

Postby deltarho[1859] » Dec 06, 2017 23:37

speedfixer wrote:The rest of us: let us think a little before we post.

That will not be taken on board by everyone. In addition it is important that there are two or three in the wheelhouse who are capable of steering the ship correctly. What we don't want is an empty wheelhouse most of the time and then an incompetent mariner comes in and steers straight into the rocks. <not smiling>
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Re: Dilemma of un-paid Volunteer Community Efforts

Postby speedfixer » Dec 06, 2017 23:51

I would probably be OK with most anyone.

If they care to volunteer, they would probably care enough to listen and learn.
When I was younger, I used to take over when I wasn't happy. I learned that everyone is happier doing it their own way. Even if you know it won't work, be patient, give them time to figure that out unless it is too expensive a lesson to learn. Being in charge is no fun. And the pay is terrible.

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