How to write tutorials for beginners ?

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Re: How to write tutorials for beginners ?

Postby MrSwiss » Nov 03, 2017 21:50

Carlos Herrera wrote:You missed the point, the problem is what to do with lot of content without any simple GUI.
Ever had the idea, to output it to console? Not every application calls automatically for a GUI.
Additionally, there are some gui libraries available (on this forum).
(ideally giving you a chance to see, how somebody else tackles the problem and, learning
from it, in the process.)
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Re: How to write tutorials for beginners ?

Postby deltarho[1859] » Nov 03, 2017 22:50

@Carlos Herrera

> How many pages have the book of Petzold?

> Is it written with a tutorial for beginners style?
No. However, it is exceptionally well written. You will not find yourself using Google for a definition of this or that. It is also very thorough, nothing is skipped over. The Chapter on 'Windows and Messages' is 30 pages and whilst it may need to be read a few times you will not need to go anywhere else to understand messaging. It has loads of examples: "These programs are written in the C programming language and use the native Windows application programming interfaces (APIs). As I'll discuss later in this chapter, this is not the only way to write programs that run under Windows. However, it is important to understand the Windows APIs regardless of what you eventually use to write your code."

FreeBASIC is not mentioned. FreeBASIC first appeared in 2004. The fifth edition of Petzold, the one I have, was published in 1999.

As MrSwiss mentioned "there are some gui libraries available (on this forum)" and you cited Lothar Schirm's work. However, as you progress you may find the libraries are limiting, they will not cover every aspect of Windows. A good grounding in Windows will also make the understanding of the libraries easier. I have not read Petzold cover to cover - I go in to get a deeper understanding of what I am working on. There are some sections that I will probably never read - it is that kind of book.

Whether you find it daunting or not I cannot say. However, after you have written a few programs, with whatever library, you will start to get a feel of what Windows is about and the next time you open Petzold it will be easier and there you find the depth that you will probably not find anywhere else. You can put your money on it that José Roca and Paul Squires have a copy and they will have opened those pages many times. I doubt that you will find a Windows programmer who does not recommend Petzold.

Am I on commission or something? No <laugh>

MrSwiis wrote:Not every application calls automatically for a GUI.

That is very true and I am amazed what the folk here do in consoles. However, after spending 13 years of GUI writing I know that there is a place for GUIs. Some of my GUIs would be impossible to convert to console even if a twelve bore shotgun was pointed at them.<smile> I have one program where the primary window may extend horizontally to give the primary window additional functionality. A secondary window is available for changing some of the defaults the primary window uses and another secondary window which can exchange text with the primary window, in both directions. This particular secondary window is encrypted and saved on closing. Needless to say if opened the saved text is decrypted and loaded. A console version? No chance.
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Re: How to write tutorials for beginners ?

Postby St_W » Nov 04, 2017 13:28

Carlos Herrera wrote:How many pages have the book of Petzold? Is it written with a tutorial for beginners style?
Is Freebasic mentioned there?
It has > 1000 pages, and no, it doesn't mention FB. But that doesn't really matter: the important things to learn from this (nowadays a bit dated) book are the concepts. Those apply to FB as well as C (the language used in the book for examples).
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Re: How to write tutorials for beginners ?

Postby lizard » Nov 04, 2017 22:34

Personally i would prefer platform independent GUI programming with wx-c, fltk-c or maybe gtk. You can compile it for both win and linux, so why not?

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