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Re: FreeBASIC OpenBSD package

Postby TeeEmCee » Oct 28, 2017 12:21

Does FB 1.05 work on FreeBSD if you manually force -asm att, like for OpenBSD? I would guess yes, but didn't try it. Maybe that there are almost no users (are there any aside from me?) for that reason and that there are no official releases and it's not listed as supported.

St_W wrote:I had a quick look at the files available on the site you've referred to and saw that you're using your own copy of FreeBasic sources (and some patches) and building the compiler from precompiled C code. I was wondering whether there are also binary packages containing a pre-built copy of fbc instead of having to compile from (partially compiled) source?

I think building from bootstrap source is the way to go. The official bootstrap package doesn't include OpenBSD, hence the reason that a different copy of the bootstrap sources is used.

Can the CI server be used to build binary releases, or will it be more trouble than that to provide OpenBSD releases?

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