Do we need WInkey() / WInput this days ?

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Do we need WInkey() / WInput this days ?

Postby D.J.Peters » Feb 14, 2017 17:49

It's 2017 now and we have WBin, WChr, WHex, WOct, WString, WSpace, WStr
but from my point of view we need WInkey WInput also.

What do you think about it ?

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Re: Do we need WInkey() / WInput this days ?

Postby St_W » Feb 14, 2017 20:44

I basically agree, but I think Unicode support needs to be improved in general and this needs a holistic design to be integrated well without breaking code - if possible. Adding unicode support to the runtime method by method may impose problems later.

On the other hand some unicode support is already in FB and many unicode-specific functions were already added, so maybe that should just be continued.

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