Updated forum rules (new-user post moderation)

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Updated forum rules (new-user post moderation)

Postby counting_pine » Feb 05, 2017 13:40

Just so you know, I've decided to update the forum rules, so that a user's first three posts will no longer be moderated
It seems sensible, given the following:
- It probably puts off new users from hanging around
- I've seen very few spamming attempts recently
- With the (relatively) new forum, any user has the ability to flag posts and bring them to the attention of moderators

We'll give it a go. If spam starts leaking through, then we can rethink.
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Re: Updated forum rules (new-user post moderation)

Postby Tourist Trap » Feb 07, 2017 22:12

Spammers seem to have migrated on facebook!

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