[offtopic]Some cheap and tiny ARM devices.

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Re: [offtopic]Some cheap and tiny ARM devices.

Postby marcov » Sep 22, 2017 20:33

D.J.Peters wrote:
marcov wrote:If you smell something burning, the voltage is too high :-)
No A=ampere makes a hot dog not the V=voltage ;-)

Well, unless you have a special kind of dog that has a resistance that changes with potential, the current will rise if you up the potential.

With other words you can touch 100,000 V with 0.1 A without any problems but never touch 0.1V with 100,000 A !

I'm no physicist, merely an ex-chemist, but at high potentials be careful, specially if they are generated by a big(ger) charge and are thus not quickly depleted.

The field of such potentials might do icky things with materials changing resistance and thus current. The field might even interfere with the signals from your brain to your heart, which are generally considered a good thing to have (also in dogs, so keep the 100000V away from him)

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