FBC 1.00.0

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FBC 1.00.0

Postby integer » Sep 14, 2014 22:43

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 Welcome to FreeBASIC

 FB signature __ FreeBASIC 1.00.0
 Major Version =  1
 Minor Version =  0
 Patch Version =  0
         VERSION = 1.00.0

 Today's Date    09-14-2014
 Backend         gas
 Build Date -----09-14-2014
 TIME AT THE NOW 18:30:04

 PATH----------- H:\FB100


That's a big Thank You.
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Re: FBC 1.00.0

Postby srvaldez » Sep 15, 2014 0:02

thank you dkl and others that helped to bring this release :)
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Re: FBC 1.00.0

Postby Tyr_Anassazi » Sep 15, 2014 3:02

Good news! FB is no longer a child, it grew up. Thanks dkl and others.
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Re: FBC 1.00.0

Postby marcov » Sep 15, 2014 7:06

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Re: FBC 1.00.0

Postby Aquarius » Sep 15, 2014 12:07

Congratulations and thanks to dkl and other people who contributed to the release.
I haven't been using FreeBASIC for a while, time to get back to the roots!
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Re: FBC 1.00.0

Postby VANYA » Sep 15, 2014 13:01

Thanks a lot, many innovations excellent.
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Re: FBC 1.00.0

Postby anonymous1337 » Sep 15, 2014 16:35

Thank you for keeping my 10 years-old friend alive :)

This month also marks my 10 year anniversary of programming!

I started at 13 in QBASIC, and I think I found FreeBASIC a year or two later at version 0.13.

I will never forget seeing those numbers. 0.13. FreeBASIC is in 0.13. Version 0.13 added all of these neat features. I ported all of my QB code over to it. It was like that for a long time :)

I remember the IRC bots that we had in the #freebasic channel. cha0s' web sockets libraries that were actually really good, if I recall correctly. It's still recommended to use those over most other libraries for FreeBASIC, if you are able to :) I remember the arguments in IRC. I remember off-topic, and its subsequent removal :( I remember a hilarious thread I made cha0s archive, where someone asked how to do something and I responded with:

Here's an example of how to hack into a computer:

Code: Select all

'' Do hacker stuff

So many good memories of me being locked up in my room, wearing all black, my hair growing out, trying to become an independent game developer even though my home life was very difficult!

Then Lachie and I helping to run the FreeBASIC Games site together for a while, until life got too busy for me :(
And me actually leaving home!
And going to college!
And dropping out :)
And borrowing money from someone I met here (a lot of it)
And paying it back (after a long time) with interest!

So many MEMORIES here!

Trying to make little games to entertain my little sister,

I feel pathetic for that ;_;
I am a professional software developer now making more than most american households for my work.
Yet I've never made a single game that was actually fun to play.

The original reason I went into programming - to make games - ended up being something that I both sucked at and lacked the motivation to try hard in. Games actually made me more depressed than happy. And the lack of income shot my anxieties to a whole other level...

Tinkering around with Photoshop, Flash, Blender (Hi, Dr_D!), Java and other technologies... trying to make it as an artist or game developer.

Turns out, I really LIKE business programming!
Unlike a lot of programmers.
I am motivated by the fact that the software I write can make people money!
And turn a business from inefficient to very efficient!

I think that's why I dog on FB so much.
But it has always been here for me.

And the community is excellent.

But guess what?
So am I XD

Much love!
And Congratulations, Everyone!
- anonymous1337
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Re: FBC 1.00.0

Postby Kot » Sep 15, 2014 18:08

Many thanks to developers and you, community, that kept fb alive.
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Re: FBC 1.00.0

Postby Provoni » Sep 15, 2014 18:54

Thank you very much all involved for the new update, this is a great language!
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Re: FBC 1.00.0

Postby BasicCoder2 » Sep 15, 2014 21:28

anonymous1337 wrote:I am a professional software developer now making more than most American households for my work.
Turns out, I really LIKE business programming!
Unlike a lot of programmers.
I am motivated by the fact that the software I write can make people money!
And turn a business from inefficient to very efficient!

May I say I found your story very interesting and congratulations on being able to make a good living out of programming. Something I was never able to do as unfortunately having an interest in something doesn't necessarily make you good at it.
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Re: FBC 1.00.0

Postby v1ctor » Sep 16, 2014 0:48

It's great to see FB finally reaching the 1.00 version!

Ten years ago the first version (0.00) was distributed to a few people on IRC (it can be found here: http://www.freebasic.net/temp/freebas_v0.0.rar) and then the project became public. I started it as an attempt to port to Windows a game I was working on QB (a clone of a Counter-Strike 2D game) and that exhausted all DOS resources. In the end, I stopped working on that game and never ported it. All my attention was directed to the compiler.

Thanks everybody envolved somehow with the project! Everyone that was or still is part of the dev team, people that contributed documenting the project, the authors of the IDE's and tools to be used with FB, the users that reported so many ugly bugs :), the teachers that used FB in schools and universities, even the haters (yeah, they helped a lot to push the project with their criticism, heh).

Long live FB! Cheers!
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Re: FBC 1.00.0

Postby Imortis » Sep 16, 2014 1:19

Has it really been 10 years? I got in on FB 0.11

Wow. Time flies when you're having fun.
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Re: FBC 1.00.0

Postby TJF » Sep 16, 2014 10:58

10 years fbc. Thank you v1ctor for starting the project and thanks to all others making improvements (dkl at the top of the list). Of cause that's a reason to make party.

But when you wake up the next morning, please keep in mind that the last two releases are experimental form a practical point of view

  • 0.90 comes with inheritance, but multiple interfaces are not supported
  • 1.00 comes with 64 bit, but only crt headers are available (and multiple interfaces unsupported)
It's still a lot of work to make 1.00 an adult version for daily work !!!
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Re: FBC 1.00.0

Postby rdc » Sep 16, 2014 14:19

Wow, what a great milestone. My deepest thanks to all the devs over the years, from v1ctor and onward, that have led to this quite historic milestone for FB. FB is still my favorite language and despite all the doubts, even mine, FB has managed to grow and mature. Thanks for all the hard work over the years guys!
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Re: FBC 1.00.0

Postby rko » Sep 16, 2014 17:18

congratulations and thanks to all of you. i am new to freebasic and i really like the language and the compiler. what is eta for the 64bit for windows with headers?

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