Annoying popups on forum

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Annoying popups on forum

Postby nobozoz » Jun 02, 2013 4:12

In order to be able to use "Select All" in the forum, it seems I must enable scripts. But when I do, I also enable highlighted words in the forum text that generate popup balloons. This is annoying as hell.
I use Firefox, but Firefox is defenseless against these popups because they appear to be coming from the forum itself.

for what its worth, the word "settings" doesn't generate a pop in the text box as I'm typing this, but in the Preview, it is highlighted and does generate a popup.

My fb settings are below:
BBCode is ON
[img] is ON
[flash] is OFF
[url] is ON
Smilies are OFF

How do I fix this?

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Re: Annoying popups on forum

Postby badidea » Jun 02, 2013 13:17

I have never seen any popups or highlighted words on this forum. Could the problem be with your browser? Some add-on / addware / malware thing?
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Re: Annoying popups on forum

Postby Sebastian » Jun 02, 2013 13:24

I haven't turned on JavaScript here (thanks NoScript). So I can't (and don't want to) check whether there are any popups in here.

But it's not necessarily a server-sided issue. It can also be caused by client-sided adware, like badidea mentioned. Recently, I've been developing a web application and one user complained about overlay advertisement tips. Some words were colored green and when moving the mouse over them, advertisement baloons were shown. They were titled "Saving Sidekick" or something like that. He first thought those ads came from the web app but in fact an annoying browser plugin/addon added them client-sided.

Adware can come to your PC as a stowaway when installing freeware like instant messengers, PDF creator tools, media players etc.
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Re: Annoying popups on forum

Postby dkl » Jun 02, 2013 14:26

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Re: Annoying popups on forum

Postby anonymous1337 » Jun 02, 2013 15:38

I once had a browser addon that turned out to be hard-to-remove malware for Chrome.

I had to uninstall it via its uninstaller, remove some latent files, then go to chrome://policy/ and remove the policy which told Chrome to install it if it didn't exist.

I would check your plugins/addons to see if there's anything suspicious.
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Re: Annoying popups on forum

Postby nobozoz » Jun 02, 2013 22:09

Looks like the problem comes and goes with Adobe Flash reader, but not with Shockwave for Director

But, fb forum was squawking that it needed Adobe Flash to function - why? So I installed Adobe Flash reader 11.7r700 add-in to Firefox and then disabled it. The fb forum quit squawking about Flash.

The culprit appears to be (Text Enhance) or (Text-Enhance) which is a known nuisance that exploits Flash. What a PITA.

Thanks for all your help.


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