4000 downloads on souceforge in one day?

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4000 downloads on souceforge in one day?

Postby ike » Apr 05, 2013 17:33

and all of it from Nigeria. I guess some high school teaching students in FB

I would be nice to have A LITTLE form designer, very very basic with just button, textbox, listbox and canvas
so students can make simple program to draw y=x^2 or y=sin(x) function and build small address book and so on

FB is ideal to teach students programing you can do just: PRINT "Hello world", but also you can learn advanced topic OO pointers etc

That would speed FB adoption, and todays high school students may tomorow became FB developers, some can be talented so they can even develop FB
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Re: 4000 downloads on souceforge in one day?

Postby Pritchard » Apr 05, 2013 19:30

I think it's less boring than starting off with C/C++, where knowledge of the tool chain is kind of enforced early on because you need external libs for everything.

That being said, someone should tell the Nigerians that a web browser and HTML5 + JavaScript will work just fine.

VB.NET is also great for people just learning programming. And it's free and has web support.

FreeBASIC is okay :)

It's nice to have something with a somewhat usable RTL that doesn't do IoC. That's probably what attracts me to it. Everything else tries to provide some kind of framework. FreeBASIC just provides a huge list of commands.
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Re: 4000 downloads on souceforge in one day?

Postby Gonzo » Apr 17, 2013 9:39

agree with Pritchard, but I'll still be using FB
having learned C++ now, i feel it's just too much of a "bandit language," than anything else
just like C (which i always knew very well) the operators and syntax doesn't make any sense for being a "modern language"
sure, you can do anything you want, but theres also much extra work in places where it shouldn't be (ie. initializing variables)

.NET is better in all respects, but i have never used it, and i dont think i will
i can appreciate that it exists, and what it does for other programmers :)

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