Don't forget to backup regularly

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Don't forget to backup regularly

Postby badidea » Apr 07, 2011 23:39

Don't forget to backup your (free)basic projects (and all other important stuff) regularly. Of course we all know this, but how many of us (computer users) really do this consequently?

I decided to throw away some unused linux partitions (32-bit Ubuntu) from the windows disk manager. Some error was displayed and eventually this was the result:


I was pretty sure the disk wasn't 4 TB, but 500 GB!

Luckily I decided to copy the most important data (my documents, photos, web-pages and programming projects) to my other disk directly after the first error message. However my collection of games and downloaded tools, music and movies, which I did not copy, are now scattered throughout the disk in deleted orphan file record segments. Which pretty much sucks. A lot of free space however now.

Anyway, don't forget your backups.
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Postby Dr_D » Apr 08, 2011 0:30

Sorry to hear it dude. I know exactly what you mean though. I've been through it too. I programmed a really nice (if i do say so myself :p) 2d physics library, which worked a lot like Newton. To make a long story short... I ended up destroying all of it while messing with windows/linux partitions.. tired of windows viruses, etc... anyway, that was at least a years worth of work that never even saw the light of day beyond my own testing... so, yeah... back up your stuff at regular intervals. :\
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Postby pestery » Apr 08, 2011 9:38

I had a similar story about a couple of months ago although I was lucky. For any Seagate users, if your hard drive suddenly stops being recognized by bios, but you can still hear the drive running normally when its plugs in, contact Seagate as it might be a firmware failure. There are a number of older Seagate drives that can be vulnerable to this. If it is a firmware failure Seagate will fix it free of charge, postage and everything. I had just finished a uni course and thought I'd lost all that work, and music, drivers, photos, etc, etc (all the irreplaceable stuff). Glade to hear you saved the valuable stuff.
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Postby h4tt3n » Apr 08, 2011 10:15


Yes, I know how that feels. My old laptop just died and took all it's content with it into the grave. Luckily I took a backup to my external just days before and lost nothing - phew!


That really sucks, man. I'd have loved to see your work, beeing very interested in physics sims myself. You may already know this, but the Newton Game Dynamics library just went open source. I hope this might encourage you to reconstruct your work :-)

Cheers all,
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Postby kiyotewolf » Apr 08, 2011 11:36


We all have some war stories of this nature.
I back up every single *.BAS file to a single *.ZIP, and upload to cloud storage, after I reach milestones.
Every single time I hit a new plateau, I stuff into a *.ZIP, then get it off local storage.
Also, putting a hard drive in a lock box at the bank isn't a bad idea either.
For 5 months before I moved, one of my hard drives was safely tucked away in cold storage. The bank vault. Need to get it in a bank vault here locally asap, before something bad happens.


I always back up to both magnetic and optic media. Either 100 MB ZIP disks, or CDR's.
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Postby Lachie Dazdarian » Apr 08, 2011 13:02

Backing up is for pussies.
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Postby Landeel » Apr 08, 2011 13:12


A few days ago I was working on my game, and in the exact instant I clicked the SAVE button in Geany, there was a blackout.

Of course, when I turned the computer on again, my .bas file had 0 bytes (ARGH!).

Luckily I have set up a bash script that sends the file to my e-mail every time I close it, so I have only lost a few minutes of work.
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Postby TESLACOIL » Apr 08, 2011 13:52

after accidentally formatting the wrong HD (insert bloodied brick wall ) i switched to using external usb Hard drives as a back up system

i have 3 , and backup in triplicate

i can drop 1 , have bit rot or the click of death on the other and still have a backup

they are purely usb powered so its a doddle to use (stops u getting lazy) though this makes them a little slower
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Postby agamemnus » Apr 09, 2011 17:50

Yeah. Thanks for the reminder. I really should externally back up my code once in a while.
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Postby joseywales72 » Apr 09, 2011 23:01

I had one of those drives that had the bad firmware. I had years of photos on it (including my newborn daughter's)
Anyway, when $%#@ hit the fan and I began to search for a solution and found one. Using an old Nokia phone USB cable, I hooked it to a terminal program and I removed the controller card on the disk while it was on and reset some internal counter and managed to rescue all my data and upgrade to the latest firmware successfully.
In fact, I used that disk afterwards for another year until I upgraded to a newer and a bigger one. But it was a nightmare when I thought that everything was lost.
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Postby roook_ph » Apr 09, 2011 23:02

Backing up is for pussies.

I agree paranoia destroys creative talent ,if you wrote it then you can recode it
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Postby agamemnus » Apr 09, 2011 23:39

roook_ph wrote:
Backing up is for pussies.

I agree paranoia destroys creative talent ,if you wrote it then you can recode it

Sure? What about 19,000 lines worth? :P
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Postby roook_ph » Apr 09, 2011 23:49

I still wanna argue that about 90% of those 19000 lines are library codes
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Postby agamemnus » Apr 09, 2011 23:50

Well, just assume they aren't. :\
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Postby Galeon » Apr 10, 2011 1:08

It happened to me a lot of times before. That's why I stopped most of my projects here in FreeBASIC: I lost the source code! Windows Disk Manager is the cause of it, it seems that when it sees a Linux partition, it will sometimes delete it and may cause other problems, so if you use Linux and dual-boot into Windows, don't try to open Windows Disk Manager in Windows!

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