Relaunch of German FreeBASIC-Portal

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Relaunch of German FreeBASIC-Portal

Postby Sebastian » Sep 09, 2009 11:08


about two years ago I advertised on this forum. In the meantime, it has become the biggest German/Austrian/Swiss website dedicated to FreeBASIC. :) Right for the 5th anniversary of FBC, we (the team behind the website) are able to present the recent site relaunch now. The entire content management software of the website has been rewritten in order to make using and editing of the website easier.
Just one example: Our syntax highlighting for FreeBASIC codes now works context-sensitively. For example it recognizes whether AND is used as a method of PUT (graphics) or as a boolean operator. Depending on the context, all the keywords are linking to the appropriate page of the manual. (Example - click the keywords ;-) ) Quick links like give a rapid access on the German translation of the FreeBASIC manual.

Nowadays, the articles on the website cover a large spectrum of topics - from tutorials for beginners, to explainations on network programming, to guides on "OpenGL+FreeBASIC".
Within the scope of the renewal of the website we also introduced some kind of newspaper on current events and developments presented here on the international board (link). By the way, we invite German-speaking users here to become editors of this column! :-)

Have fun exploring our new website!

Sebastian & all the folks working on the website

PS (@webmasters of still contains an obsolete link to "". As the website doesn't exist any more, the link should be removed. Otherwise, people looking for stuff on FreeBASIC might get confused after clicking on that link because nowadays the domain shows something like a "begging letter" which is related to FreeBASIC in no way... ;-)
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Postby Hard » Sep 09, 2009 11:26

great to see that there is still some serious work going on.

even though i like the simplisity of the old style a little bit more. the new buttons look kind of weird ...
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Postby Grandmaster B » Sep 09, 2009 18:33

Looks great! Lots of stuff there! Count me in!
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Postby cha0s » Sep 09, 2009 18:39

Good call, I removed that old link to the stupid beg letter. I had to actually write SQL...

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