45 bugs in the FreeBASIC compiler?

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Postby fsw » Feb 25, 2009 20:13

FYI: here is a new compiler...


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As of 2009-02-20 11:10, this project is no longer under active development.

Perseverance is key...


Sorry couldn't resist
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Postby John Spikowski » Feb 25, 2009 20:42

It seems all you guys want to do is fight rather then help the FreeBASIC project.

I have better things to do then try to help a project that's stalled.

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Postby McLovin » Feb 25, 2009 20:51

Is this now the second or third time you've left??? Seems you leave, sneak back in to snipe and disrupt, and then leave again. Have you tried posting on the PureBasic forum yet... maybe they could use help.
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Postby fsw » Feb 25, 2009 20:52

On second thought: No I'm not sorry... :P
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Postby fsw » Feb 25, 2009 21:04

Back on topic:

AGS wrote:Initially it might seem like a lot. What I did is this (to get me started).
... snip

Thanks I already read most of the stuff you mentioned (google is your friend) but reading it, somewhat understanding it, or reading it, understanding it in a way that starting to write a compiler from scratch or poking around in 4mb of code is not a problem, are 2 different things.

I looked at the wiki but didn't find any help (hope didn't overlook it) how to attack the source code (something like the explanation in your post).

Maybe your post (and more) could be added to the wiki as a reference.

Thanks again
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Postby marcov » Feb 25, 2009 22:00

AGS wrote:If you're wondering what a recursive descent parser is:

Kewl, finally I can join in with John, and post a link to my own site too:

(Crenshaw in printable PDF)
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Postby counting_pine » Feb 26, 2009 7:13

AGS wrote:I just concatenated all the compiler files (.bas) into one file (that's all the files inside /src/compiler/, opened that up with Geany and things became easier almost instantly. Geany shows you all the functions etc... implemented in a nice sidebar.
If you want to work with the compiler code, I find FbEdit to be good for that. It can show all the functions from every file in the sidebar, and if you come across a function call in the code, you can call up the code for that function by pressing F2.

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